Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tour deFleece Day 1

Tour deFleece? Yes, Fleece not France. Who needs France when you have wool? No, really! It's an invention of some Ravelry folks who thought it would be fun to spin during the race. After all, what bikers do is spin.

Funny:  Larry saw a Groupon promotion for spinning classes and got all excited for me. Until he opened the link. Apparently stationary bike riders are called spinners.

Anyway, the TdF started, yesterday, June 30 and finishes on July 22. The purpose of this parallel spinning 'race' is to challenge yourself. So here are my challenges for this year:

1. Spindle spin a sweater lot of yarn-if I spin 1oz a day I will have 23 ounces, theoretically that is enough for a sweater for me.
2. Improve my longdraw-I will do this while improving my support spindle skills.
3. Improve my support spindle skills-spin supported for 15 minutes a day.

I will be (hopefully) posting pictures of my daily progress here. Since I will be spinning mostly in the evenings I will take and post my pictures the next day. So here is yesterday's spin:

About 1oz towards my sweater:

A half an ounce on a support spindle, still a new skill for me:

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