Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo Op

Spent a lovely day at Renn Faire yesterday. Could not have asked for better weather! Gotta love Rachel, she'll never miss a photo op.

Face painting for the princess? Something in pink please. Oh, and make it a butterfly.

Wait! Pony ride too, every princess needs a pony!

"I'll never be your beast of burden..." Ummm, can I take that back? Gotta love a man who'll tote a five year old around, especially one that's not his, and one that proclaims she doesn't like him.
Next year we'll all be in garb. This year was a tough one and I didn't get my sewing machines out. Plus I've been on a yarn kick not a fabric kick. Not sure which is more expensive really, yarn or fabric. I will have to do a comparison one day. Hmmm...

Got little knitting done this weekend. Ah, well.


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