Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing Better to Do

I am knitting lace. Yes, lace.


Some of you will remember the Revontuli that got frogged because I messed up on a YO. Then there was the lace purse that only took a few days to knit but most of a year to block and line. I finished that last week BTW. I love it.

Well I'm going for another shawl. Two really, from the same designer, Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs. They're from her Lord of the Rings series and the entire set of patterns looks to be totally amazing. I signed up for her Mystery KAL for her shawl called Evenstar. I was the 960th to sign up and I won the entire set of 7 patterns! One of the patterns I won is called Legolas. It's a small triangular shawl with undulating leaves running through the whole thing. I'm about half way done. I love this one too.

And socks. Of course.


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jenn said...

I already told you but that purse is just the stuff of pure endulgence...bravo