Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Months and Counting


It's almost Pesach. We're talking three weeks from now. That's just over 21 days. So why do I decide to start writing in my blog now? It's waited this long, what's another few weeks? I could talk about how it's helpful to have a record of my cleaning progress or accountability or my pre-Pesach knitting or my guest list or my menu plans...


It's simpler than that.


In our morning prayers we ask the Almighty to remove the 'evil' inclination not only from behind us but from in front of us. Behind us is self explanatory, it's the way we allow ourselves to be pushed into eating food that's not healthy, or having one more drink, or letting our anger yell at our kids; I could think of thousands of examples. But why do we ask for the 'evil' inclination be removed from in front of us? This is the classic example of doing good things for all the wrong reasons. It's the idea that we really need just one more kugel for Shabbos when we know we have enough food, or when we decide to sit down and write that thank you note when the dishes need washing up. It's what makes us say yes to a friend even though we know we won't have time to make dinner for our family.

It's also what makes us say: I'll get to whatever it is soon, my admiring followers (all 9 of you) have been waiting three months for me to show off my FO's and chat about my plans for my garden and talk about what I'm making for Yom Tov. I have an obligation. Right?

Baloney. But we all know I'm going to do it anyway.


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