Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here's What I've Got So Far

(Edited for format)

Thursday dinner: Chickpea, rice and spinach casserole, don't have to buy a thing.

Friday/Shabbos dinner: Challah, Matzah ball soup, Chicken, broccoli, potato kugel, carrot kugel, chocolate chip cookies, apple cake. I need flour, chicken bones and a chicken.

Shabbos lunch: Challah, cholent, salad, kugels, cookies & cake. I need cholent meat and salad veggies.

Melave Malka: Pizza and board games with the kids. I need pizza sauce and pizza cheese

Sunday brunch: French toast from leftover challah. Don't have to buy a thing.

Sunday dinner: We will probably be at Renn Faire so I will pack tuna and PB&J sandwiches
I need potato chips, bread, and a few snack treats to nosh on during the day. We will buy drinks there.

Monday dinner: Eggplant parmesean, salad. I will set aside a bit of cheese from the pizza, otherwise don't have to buy a thing.

Tuesday dinner: Cheesy polenta, fried onions, eggs over easy or scrambled. Don't have to buy a thing.

Wednesday dinner: Leftover night and sometimes pasta, depends on what's got to be eaten

Shopping list:

lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, dill, baby carrots, celery

chicken bones, chicken, chuck roast

pizza cheese, parmesean cheese, milk, string cheese, yogurts, sliced cheese

Non perishables:
potato chips, bread, maybe another snack or two that transports easily

That's what I've got. How about you?

Now for the fun stuff. I've got one mitt mostly done. I have to knit on the flip top. These will go with the Snapdragon Tam.

Now I have to actually get something done today.


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