Thursday, October 22, 2009

How'd I Do?

Not too bad, thank you for asking.

Didn't quite cut my food budget in half, but was within $20 of the mark.

I only filled three of those reusable bags that Giant and Safeway sell. That's a first. I own seven and almost always fill all of them.

Final grocery list looked like this:

Chicken bones
Chuck roast, small
String cheese
Pizza cheese
Sliced cheese
Gallon milk
Pizza sauce

Things I bought that were not on the list:

Eggs-we can never run out...
Panko-fancy breadcrumbs for the eggplant, impulse purchase, I know
Avacado-was on sale and vegetables are never a bad thing, I just have to remember to use them
Organic sliced cheese-I'll save my organic kosher rant for another time
Leben-not yogurt, slightly more expensive, yum
Crazins-when my kids ask for healthy snacks I can't say no

All in all I only went down two aisles, the canned goods aisle and the baking aisle. The rest of my shopping was along the perimeter of the store. Half an hour, in and out, ahhhh bliss. Leaves more time for knitting, right?

This week's recipe:

Chickpea, rice and spinach casserole

1C raw chickpeas/2C cooked chickpeas
1C raw brown rice/2C cooked brown rice
1 large onion, diced
2tsp oil
1/2 lb chopped spinach

I use my pressure cooker to make the rice and chickpeas. (Actually I use two pressure cookers, I own three. I'm already planning a 'I love my pressure cooker' blog post.) A 19 oz can of chickpeas is fine, rinse well. In large pot, or pressure cooker, saute onion in oil, add salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Add rice and 3 1/2 C water, cover and bring to pressure. Cook for 15 minutes. If not using pressure cooker, follow package directions for cooking rice. Stir in chickpeas and spinach. Serve hot. This is not only vegan but macrobiotic too. All the flavor is in the seasoning. Tons of onions and garlic are awesome. I've also added cumin for a Moroccan flavor.

I am going to rant now. Just a warning.

Before Yom Tov I bought a box of instant oatmeal. It was Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar, yum, right? Usually I use regular flavored oatmeal and we just add our own flavors, I find the packaged stuff way too sweet. So why did I buy this? Because it said 'Half the Sugar.' Let's try it, I thought. Might not be too bad. Happily I read the box before I opened it. I was suspicious, how did they get it to half the sugar and still meet most American's need for super, sickeningly sweet crap?


I am just beside myself. How is this any better? When I brought the box back to the store I took a closer look at other products in that aisle. Every product listed as 'healthier' in some way, had an artificial sweetner. I cannot express how completely full of rage, irritated, and upset I am and still keep this blog PG.

I am of the opinion that artificial sweetners are the leading cause of most health problems in America, including obesity and diabetes and depression. Pretty broad statement, I know, but it's how I feel. And I beleive in 50 years when science and the people who have been consuming this garbage, finally catches up with the FDA, on this I will be proven right. They've already proven that Nutrasweet, when consumed in quantity by pregnant women, can attach itself to the spinal cord of the fetus and cause permanent damage. What do I mean by quantity? One 2 liter bottle a day of diet soda. (While most folks don't drink that much soda they do drink coffee and tea to which they add their sweetner.)

And now that they're putting artificial sweetners in everyday food without telling you with HUGE LETTERS, who knows how much we'll be consuming. NOWHERE on that oatmeal box did it say ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER, nowhere. How did I find it? The ingredient list had sucralose listed right after caramel color.

Who is the FDA serving?

One teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories. I put three in my coffee. I drink two cups of coffee a day. That's 96 calories a day. I'll live.

I'm done ranting. Today.


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Shifra said...

WTG, Yakira! Can I post the part about how you did with your pantry challenge to JewishFoodForThought? I really think people in the group will be interested in this follow-up, and not everyone has internet access.

Lots of nachas from your beautiful family--particularly from the bar mitzva bochur!