Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Two months ago I wrote Less is More. I intended to follow-up regularly. Regularly as in at least weekly, I'm over a month late on that goal, but I got lots done! If not according to plan. So here's a follow-up:

My household goals involved the Master Bedroom. While I didn't go according to plan, I did accomplish a lot. The dresser tops are still cluttered but less so-win. The room has been dusted and vacuumed several times, about once a week since January-win. Most of the clutter has been removed from the room and either put away, thrown away or given away-win. Most mornings the bed gets made-win.

Still left to do:

1. Finish decluttering dresser tops
2. Remove desk

One thing that did get done but wasn't on the list was the Den. It's so nice and clean! There are a few things that have to be sorted through but it's all set up as Larry's office with a futon for guests! Win!!

My crafting goals did not survive the first battle. The socks and the mittens got worked on the first week and then I never picked them up again-loss. I did not get my tools organized but I did get them all in one place-win. My February Lady Sweater fits wonderfully well and just needs sleeves! Win!  And Goldberry at Dusk is turning out really pretty. I only have two of six skeins left-win.

It will look much prettier once I get it blocked and take the 'Glam' shots. Blocking does amazing things.

As for finished projects, January and February didn't bring me a lot of them. I won't count these months as a total loss though, I did finish several projects and spun up three skeins of yarn.


As for my personal goals, meh.  As I said above, the bed is getting made most of the time. Walking however, it's just not happening. Since my surgery I have started walking the dogs in the morning again, started that near the beginning of February. The weather is turning nicer so I'm hoping to spend more time walking Watson. 

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