Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Soggy Day...

Rachel has occupied herself so nicely today. Therefore one would think one could get a lot done wouldn't one?

I actually did get a lot done, it just doesn't look like it. I've pulled myself back to Flylady routines and worked on the bathroom today. Yech. It's not spotless, but that wasn't my goal, I just needed to start clearing off the counter and clearing out the clutter in my linen closet. I'll do a cleaning while I'm stuck in there when I bathe Rachel. Yay me. The kitchen is on par and the dining room is doing fine too, a bit of clutter on the table but I'll get that tonight when I do my hot spot fire drill. The living room on the other hand is a mess. I've got my toys and Rachel's yarn everywhere. (That was a typo but is so freaking funny I'm going to leave it!)

I ripped (frogged, just trying to see if I can add it to my jargon without cracking myself up..... giggle, snort... That's a no.) two more projects. One was a poncho I started a few years ago when ponchos were all the rage. The yarn is gorgous but I just don't need a poncho right now. So that's ripped and balled and put in my stash. I also ripped a rug I had started, I was making the pattern up as I knit. Not always the smartest thing, one day I'll learn. Um... Moving right along... It was all inxepensive acrylic yarn that I would never make anything to wear from. What on Earth possed me to purchase it will forever remain a mystery. Anyway, I will make a rug out of it but this time I will find a pattern.

I feel a little better now about the number of projects I've currently got on needles. Unfortunately these two weren't included in the count. Now before you all start rolling your eyes at me, just for the record, I didn't include them in the count because when I counted projects I had intended to rip them, honest.

Another good thing came out of this. While cleaning out the next to last of my big plastic bins of yarn and projects I found a sock I had made for Rachel and never made the match because the first sock was too small. There should still be enough yarn to make a pair for her, just not a pair for me. Which is a good thing because my socks and fingering gague take too darn long. Anyway, the sock I found is perfect for my mp3 player and my cords and earphones. I'll make a quick I-cord for it this weekend and voilla! Again, yay me.

Meanwhile I keep uncovering yummy yarn that I've purchased over the years and never made anything with. I spent an hour or so searching Ravelry for patterns for the weights and yardages I've got. Hey, it's not the same as actually starting a new project, really. Found some cute ideas that I queued for later. I'll knit some more of my purple socks tonight. I'm on the home stretch.


"I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." Henry David Thoreau.

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